Week 16

Hello everyone!

Last week, I found out some very exciting news… I was accepted into my Early Decision school, Dickinson College! I am so beyond excited! I really hadn’t thought much of Dickinson for the majority of my college search, but towards the end, when I gave it a chance, I fell in love with everything about it. I got the chance to visit when I went up to Pennsylvania with my mom in October, and I instantly fell in love with the campus. At that part, I had kind of just accepted that I wasn’t going to get that fuzzy feeling on a college campus, and I was just going to have to choose the one I liked best without that special factor. I did get that special feeling at Dickinson, though. The campus is lush and beautiful, and Carlisle is extra special because my dad went to the war college in Carlisle, and that’s where my parents spent their first year of dating (my mom going back and forth from UNC to Carlisle). It’s also only 45 minutes away from my twin brother, which he won’t admit, but we both like. He found out that he got into Gettysburg College a few hours after I got my news, but it wasn’t as much of a surprise to him since he committed to play lacrosse in August. My best friend found out that she got into UVA a few days after me, and we had a little celebratory brunch at my house (don’t worry, she’s in my bubble) and we had coffee and chai and made gingerbread.

I finalized my third questionnaire and prepared to send it out. This final questionnaire will be focused on how can our community — parents, teachers, administrators — best help our students during this time. It consists of three short answer questions asking “what can we do?”, “what would you like your parents to know about this experience?”, and “how can DA change protocols or keep in mind when making decisions to keep students’ best interest in mind?”. So far, I have gotten 115 responses! That’s a pretty good turnout for exam week! Over winter break, I’m going to dig through all these responses and figure out the most common responses to present at the end of the semester.

This week is exam week, so I’m just going to study for those, and leave going through responses for winter break. I also procrastinated, and I also have to analyze the graphs I made for questionnaire 2.

“Give your stress wings and let it fly away.” – Terri Guillements


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