Week 14

Hello everyone!

I took a break from posting last week to really enjoy my Thanksgiving Break, but I’m back for this week! Over the break, my sister’s COVID test came back negative, so she came home from D.C., to spend a few months with us. She has an apartment, but she’s going to stay down here with us until after New Years! My brother and I were very excited to have her home, although I had to stop using her room as storage. My break was filled with cooking, baking, and movies! I also made it a routine to take my dog for a walk right before dinner. I got really into yoga over the break and worked that into my routine as well. I will say, I can do all the endurance/cardio training under the sun without wanting to give up, but nothing burns as deeply as holding the craziest positions for what feels like forever. Because of that, I have really started to love yoga.

Independent Study wise, I graphed the data I got back from the second survey and briefly started analyzing. I didn’t do too much, but I did decide to change the name of my Independent Study/this blog. Thanks to what I’ve learned in AP Stat, I realized that only surveying DA students is not an accurate representation of what I had broadly put as “teenagers” before. So, to ensure further accuracy, I have decided to rename my study, “The Psychological Effects of COVID-19 on DA Upper School Students”. This blog won’t have that lengthy title, but I felt the need to change it, and clarify who I am studying.

This week, I plan to continue to analyze the data from the second survey while thinking of questions for the third survey and brainstorming how I can sift through all of the individual short answer responses. I also plan to make a December calendar since somehow, it is already almost December!

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” – Buddha

— kathleen

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