Week 10

Hello Everyone!

Happy late Halloween! This post is a little late thanks to the craziness and business of Halloweekend! I watched Hocus Pocus for the first time which was very cute (but more adult jokes than expected)! We also watched The Shining which I thought would be more gory and bloody, but wow. It was so psychologically twisting, and I was so impressed with the acting (maybe that’s why it’s so iconic)!

This weekend was also busy Independent Study wise. I had a Stat tutoring session where I asked him to help me with the graphing and how to approach everything, and it was SUPER helpful. I started a little bit of it, and I plan to work on that this week. I have also been working on the second survey, which I’m not exactly sure when we’ll send out. I hope to send it out pretty soon because, for one reason or another, we’re a little behind the initial schedule.

This next questionnaire will be screening the students on different symptoms. There won’t be a label on them like “Have you experienced this symptom of anxiety?” etc. I want them to focus on their feelings rather than being intimidated by a label of a mental illness. Similar to the first survey, I will be asking about anxiety and depression. I borrowed a DSM-5 to ensure accuracy and help a little with the wording.

This week will be chilly and busy. As November starts, it only begins the straightaway to midterm madness, which will be much different this year. I also have applications due starting November 15th, which is surreal. I also plan to send out a survey, analyze that data, and start another one!

“If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.” -Dolly Parton


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