Week 4

Hello everyone!

Wow, one month seemed to fly by! September is always a busy time for me and my family, but with the added meetings and planning, it’s hectic (but in a good way). Here’s how last week went:

Firstly, I finished the first draft of my first questionnaire and sent it to my content advisors. It was actually much more challenging to write because of the intricacies of wordings and how to frame everything. I met with Dr. Bayley for my first interview on Tuesday, which was very exciting. She really helped me with the problem areas of my survey as well. Ultimately, the biggest changes made were 1) I changed the time frame to have specific points in time for participants to recall (Fall 2019, Spring 2020, Fall 2020), and we decided to include the third time point, Fall of 2020. This decision allows the questionnaires to not be completely based in the past (increasing recall bias) and I feel like it also rounds it out very nicely. I made my revisions and put it into a Google Form.

It was honestly a mentally draining week. Although exciting, Independent Study takes a lot of motivation and self-discipline. When you’re having a mentally tough week, it’ sometimes hard to pick yourself up and actually do the work when you know you don’t have a firm deadline. It really reminds me of something my parents drilled into my head when I was growing up: do the right thing when no one’s looking. I’ve found that in my case, I need to do the right thing BECAUSE no one is looking. There has been so much trust placed in me as a student to get the work done and take it seriously, and I feel like since no one’s looking, I’m doing it for myself. It’s really pushed me to embrace learning for the sake of learning again.

For some reason, I was getting anxious at night often this week. However, I recognized this and recognized that there didn’t really seem to even be a reason for it. I’ve learned that that’s okay! When I can’t identify the source of my anxiety, it’s most important for me to use my tools to quell it. My most used “tools” are taking a short nap, stretching, or going to get a drink (water, or decaf tea/ coffee).

Next week is the week gearing up for my first questionnaire to be sent out, so stay tuned for updates!

“Be the person you needed when you were younger” -Ayesha Siddiqi (Thank you Mrs. Rogers for this week’s quote!)


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