Week 3

Hello everyone!

There was a lot going on last week! Firstly, I ordered a book to use as a reference. It might be a parenting book, but I guess we’ll find out when it comes! I’ve been reading article after article, which has been really interesting. Yes, the topic is generally the same, but the uniquities are in the finer details. Digging deeper has made me think of the different facets of this topic.

On Thursday, I had a meeting with my content advisors, where we talked about a whole scope of topics. We discussed the possibility of a joint advisory period with the Project Semicolon Club, a club that works to bring awareness to mental health, specifically working to combat suicide. Stay tuned for more on that! We also talked a lot about how important the wording is of the questions I will be sending out. I am drafting my first questionnaire, which is honestly harder than expected. There are so many intricacies from the wording to how the question could be interpreted, etc.

I plan to meet with Dr. Bayley this week, my first interview! I hope to gain some insight into what makes a strong question and how to effectively and clearly. I have been seeing a lot of cross overs between my Psych class and my Stat class, which I partially discussed this week, but I think that this trio of classes will be very beneficial.

At the moment, I’m feeling really good and motivated, something that is a little new for me. Usually, I’m chasing my work, but I feel very in control, which I’m excited about.

“and here you are living/ despite it all” -Rupi Kaur


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