Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! Here, you will follow me through my journey of my independent study, “COVID-19’s Toll on Teen Mental Health”.

This independent study will focus on how the Coronavirus epidemic has uniquely affected teenagers. Arguably, the unprecedented times presented by the COVID-19 crisis have taken the hardest toll on teenagers. The teenage years are crucial for forming social skills and finding tools to use as adults, yet what happens when the majority of peer interaction is suddenly unavailable? Teenagers, especially in this day and age, heavily rely on technology to communicate with their friends, but how does technology being the only form of communication affect teenagers’ mental health and overall social skills? Through interviews and questionnaires, this study will work to provide insight into how this crisis has affected teenagers’ mental health in and around our community along with providing access to resources to aid those who are struggling.

To learn more, feel free to explore this blog and keep in touch! I would love to hear your stories, experiences, and feedback!

Stay safe and healthy!